Festival of Falconry
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Festival of Falconry

The Emirates Falconers’ Club, Abu Dhabi has kindly agreed to host

The 2014 International Festival of Falconry.
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The 2014 International Festival of Falconry


Although 470 people have confirmed their sponsored places, only 160 have so far sent in their completed booking forms to Tamer at Nirvana Travel, Tamer Abdellatif tamer@ntravel.ae . Flight prices are going up by the day.


Many National Reps have not yet sent in photographs to be printed to go in their stands (see below).  Please send them in to Mona at the latest by 1st November, otherwise you will have a very bare stand. Similarly those submitting photos for the photography exhibition need to get your files in to Mona please.

The schedule for the Conferences is now up under a new tab ‘Conferences’. Speakers: if you have not already done so, please send me your summary and text as per below. We accept English or Arabic. They have to be translated and put into the festival programme.

There are some changes to the tents. Most will now be 5x5 metres. If you are a major country you will get two tents ie 5x10 metres, and a TV set. All will have electricity, tables and chairs.

Some of the countries are bringing big groups and are busy preparing their arena events. New Zealand even has Maori Warriors doing a Haka! A few others have been very slow. Remember, if you are a National Representative the image your country presents is in your hands.


Note for National Representatives: If you wish to send bulky items in advance for your stand the freight handling agents are Aramex AUHDynamicTeam@aramex.com . Youssef Sednawi Customer Account Manager tel: 009712-5025021 or 00971-55-8876061 . Ramzi Marji Senior CMT Executive Sales Tel: 00971-5025024 or 00971-569150898. If you are hoping to claim the costs back from th Festival Organisers, please first obtain a quote and then consult Mona Ahmed on mona.ahmed@tcaabudhabi.ae .

If you are sending digital files for photos to be printed please send them at a minimum of 300 dpi to mona.ahmed@tcaabudhabi.ae  by 1st November at the latest. The wall hangings in your exhibit are printed at 3.0 x 2.2 metres. You may also have some smaller prints made, in which case please state which sizes A4-A0.

Note for Conference Speakers: Please send in your summary immediately - it will be published in the Festival Programme which is in preparation. You may include with it a hi-res photo, either of yourself or of your subject. Your talk is scheduled to last for 20-25 minutes, with a few minutes at the end for questions. Please bring a USB stick preferably in Powerpoint format for projection. We also need your paper for th Proceedings as soon as possble please. The conference programme is very full and we are just finalising the last speaker at the moment, so itwill be up on this site very soon. We will not be able to offer much translation facilities in the Desert Camp so most of the presentations will be in English. Some of the Workshops will be in a variety of languages. The conference sessions at Al Forsan will have better translation facilities.


Plans are moving ahead well now! Most of the sponsored invitations have been sent out, but not all. There are still some vacancies to fill! We are still looking for some eagle handlers for the period 22nd November - 14th December. We have one or two openings for entertainers at the Gala Dinner and for people for arena events. Almost all the National Representatives are now in place and listed on the website. If you are a National Rep, please look on this site at your list of responsibilities. In particular, there are still many nations who have not yet put forward names for their artists or for their photographers. Now is your chance - use it or lose it! Any slots left unfilled will be taken off you and given to the long waiting list of volunteers who are just itching to come.

We have an exciting line up of conferences and workshops. If you have been invited to speak and have not yet replied, please could you be quick and respond. We have three days of conference speakers at the desert camp, on practical falconry, heritage, conservation and veterinary subjects. We have practical workshops on first aid, radio-tracking and robotic prey. We have workshops on falconry in the different regions of the world, organised by the IAF and in the evenings, if you are still awake, you can bring falconry films for the Sand Dune Cinema.

Plans for hawking in the desert are well in hand. Khalid will be bringing close to 100 camels, as well as lovely Arabian horses. The Abu Dhabi Falconers' Club are jostling to come with their hunting falcons and the ground is excellent for hawking houbara and hares. For non-riders we also have an area for hawking hares on foot. We still have some vacancies for experienced falconers to act as group leaders for hunting parties. The lists for the groups will be posted nearer the time.

A container has been shipped from UK with extra yurts for the Steppe Villge. For your exhibit, please make sure that your National Rep has sent in some good high-res images to be printed as back drops for your stand. Keep an eye on this website. Things are changing daily!

The Festival Organisers are delighted to announce that the next International Festival of Falconry will be held in Abu Dhabi on 7-14th December 2014!

The event will be held under the kind Patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Hosted once again by the Emirates Falconers’ Club, the event promises to be a dream trip for falconers from all over the world. Put it in your diary – you will kick yourself if you miss it!

The public Festival will be held in the spacious grounds of Al Forsan Sports Club just south of Abu Dhabi city. The nearest airport is Abu Dhabi International Airport, about 20 minutes away. Al Forsan has excellent public facilities for the event and is close to many hotels and to road links. Bringing the Festival to town will enable many more local people to come with their families and we are expecting a record attendance.

We are moving the Desert Camp too. This time we are taking you deeper into the desert, about an hour from Abu Dhabi.  The new hunting ground is about seven times larger than the old one – 21 km across. This should enable three or four groups to hunt at the same time so that even more people can experience genuine hunting in the desert, tracking houbara and hares in the traditional manner on camels and horses. For less hardy types there will be shorter camel excursions nearer camp. Whatever your skill level, cheerful Khalid will make sure you have a mount to suit you.  Hunting in the desert with local Emirati falconers from the Abu Dhabi Falconers' Club is an unforgettable experience and will be available only to invited guests and registered visitors, so if you want to come, register as soon as you can! But be warned, this hunting ground is more severe than the old one. Although the dunes are not so high, there is less vegetation and the sand is soft. So it will not be easy to rescue you with a vehicle! (We got stuck in 500 metres and so did our rescue vehicle!) (and again on our second visit!)

We also have some planted forest areas next to the Desert Camp, consisting of low trees and bushes. We are investigating the possibility of hunting hares in them, using Goshawks and Harris Hawks.

There will not be an Art Competition or a Photo Competition this time. Instead we are asking each country to contribute a painting or a three dimensional art or craft work, and a photograph for a special Exhibition. Each piece will represent the unique aspects of falconry in each country. We will sponsor the artist and photographer from each country. More details will be announced in due course. We will also be inviting people who are contributing to the Festival, helping with running it, training the birds, organising the stands and exhibits.  If you wish to participate, please contact us and let us know what you are able to contribute.  Remember, there are no ‘free’ tickets, everyone who is sponsored will have a task to do to help make the Festival work. We will also invite representatives from 77 falconry countries, with a special emphasis on fresh faces. We are aiming for about 75% of the sponsored guests to be people who have never been funded before. So if you had your ticket paid for you last time, please make way for someone else to have the opportunity. Of course we hope that you will want to come again, this time paying your own flight.

We will be holding the three-day conference at the conference facilities at Al Forsan We also plan a strong educational programme for local school parties.

We are planning a varied programme of arena events and activities. If you are a group with an idea for an arena event, please contact the International Office. We are also looking for falconers able to entertain at the Falconers’ Feast, with music, song, poetry or dance, related to falconry.

In order to keep costs down we plan to have tented accommodation for most of the falconers during the Desert Camp period, rather than hotels. From there we will have bus trips for day excursions to places of interest such as the Falcon Hospital and to Falcon competitions.  The Desert Camp will be only for one thousand pre-registered falconers, not for the general public.

The International Office at IWC in UK is managing the international visitors and exhibits. Keep an eye on the website www.falconryfestival.com for further information. The team at the Abu Dhabi Office will be handling all the local arrangements as well as flight bookings and visas. Watch out for www.falconryfestival.ae .

Looking forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi!

Nick Fox


Thursday 20th November    
    Advanced party hawk trainers arrive at Desert Camp
Saturday 6th December    
DESERT CAMP   Arrivals at Abu Dhabi Airport throughout the day
    Meet and Greet Buses to Desert Camp
1500 2000 Evening hawking parties out hunting
Sunday 7th December    
600 1100 Morning Hawking Parties out hunting
930 1630 Conference on Practical Falconry
1000 1500 Training practices for arena events
1500 1730 Falcon flying events at Desert Camp.
1500 2000 Evening hawking parties out hunting
1930 2130 Sand Dune Cinema and evening socials
Monday 8th December    
600 1100 Morning Hawking Parties out hunting
700 2000 Excursions - the Falcon Hospital and Sweihan Houbara Centre
930 1630 Conference on Falconry Heritage
1000 1500 Training practices for arena events
1500 1730 Falcon flying events at Desert Camp.
1500 2000 Evening hawking parties out hunting
1500 1730 Practical workshops and demos
1930 2130 Sand Dune Cinema and evening socials
Tuesday 9th December    
600 1100 Morning Hawking Parties out hunting
700 1600 Excursions -Falcon Hospital, the Grand Mosque
930 1630 Conference on Conservation
1100 1300 Falconry Heritage Trust AGM
1000 1500 Training practices for arena events
1500 1730 Falcon flying events at Desert Camp.
1500 1730 Saluki racing at Desert Camp
1500 2000 Evening hawking parties out hunting
1000 1300 Practical Workshops
1930 2130 Sand Dune Cinema and evening socials
Wednesday 10th December    
DESERT CAMP   Change over Day
600 1100 Morning hawking parties hunting
900   First buses leave to Abu Dhabi
1000 1030 Check in to hotels
AL FORSAN 1100   Buses from hotels to Al Forsan
1130 1430 Setting up exhibits at Al Forsan
1430   Buses from Al Forsan to Abu Dhabi Falconers Club
1500 1730 Flying events at the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club
1730 2100 Social BBQ at Falconers Club
2100   Buses leave to hotels
Thursday 11th December    
AL FORSAN   Schools Day
830   Buses from hotels to Al Forsan
900   Public Festival opens
930 1730 Conference at Al Forsan centre
930 1400 School parties visiting
1000 1200 Arena Events
1600 1700 Ladies Private Reception at the Art Exhibition
1400 1600 Arena Events
1830   Public Festival closes
1900   Buses leave to hotels
Friday12th December    
AL FORSAN   Public Festival Day
830   Buses from hotels to Al Forsan
900   Public Festival opens
1000 1200 Arena Events
1400 1600 Arena Events
1600 1700 Grand Parade
1830   Public Festival closes
1900 2200 Falconers Gala Dinner and Concert
2200   Buses to hotels
Saturday 13th December    
AL FORSAN   Public Festival Day
830   Buses from hotels to Al Forsan
900   Public Festival opens
1000 1200 Arena Events
1400 1600 Arena Events
1600 1700 Grand Parade
1830   Public Festival closes
1900 2200 Falconers Social evening
2200   Buses to hotels
Sunday 14th December    
    Buses depart for Abu Dhabi Airport



Sunday 7th December Practical falconry Subject
  930  945   TBA   Chairman's introduction
  945  1010 1 Dr Javier Ceballos Spain Falconry ethics
  1010  1035 2 Haroon Latif Pakistan Training of goshawks in Pakistan
  1035  1100 3 Dr Soma Takuya Japan/Germany Rapport between the Master and Golden Eagle: Current Altaic Kazakh Falconry in Western Mongolia
  1100  1130 Morning tea break
  1130  1200 4 Ricardo Padilla Mexico Hawking with passage merlins
  1200  1230 5 Dr Nick Fox UK RoFalconry - the use of robotic prey
  1230 1300 6 Antonio Cuartero Spain The role of periodic magazines in the information and training of falconer
  1300 1400 Lunch
  1400 1420 7 Maros Karabinos Slovakia/UK Education in falconry
  1420 1440 8 Martin Brereton Ireland Snipe hawking in Ireland
  1440 1500 9 Dr Tom Richter Germany "Animal Welfare and Falconers”  a discussion of the General Welfare Document prepared by the IAF – it’s significance and how to improve it.
  1500 1530 Afternoon teabreak
  1530 1630 9 Dr Jones, Michael P  USA Veterinary
  1630   Practical workshop           10 Dr Marino Garcia Montijano Spain Falcon first aids for falconers
Monday 8th December Falconry Heritage
  930 945   TBA   Chairman's introduction
  945 1010 1 Sami ur Rahman Pakistan Poetry book project from Pakistan
  1010 1035 2 Atef Jenhani Tunisia Falconry in Tunisia
  1035 1100 3 Dr Oliver Grimm Germany Origin and early history of falconry – a sketch on the base of a forthcoming large scale conference publication
  1100 1130 Morning tea break
  1130 1200 4 Rushil Shergill India Heritage - the late guru Sirdar Mohammed Osman
  1200 1230 5 Prof Baudouin van den Abeele   Hidden treasures: medieval manuscripts in private hands
  1230 1300 6 Kent Carnie USA The Development of North American Falconry and its Impact Worldwide
  1300 1400 Lunch
  1400 1420 7 Prof Sigrid Schwenk Germany on falconry history
  1420 1440 8 Dennis Keen USA web-site on falconry history in Central Asia in English
  1440 1500 9 Dr Ulambuyaryn Erdenebat Mongolia book on falconry history in Mongolia
  1500 1530 Afternoon teabreak
  1530 1600 10 Noriko Otsuka Japan Review of ancient manuscripts on falconry in Japan
  1600 1630 11 Sara Schroer Germany TBA
Tuesday 9th December Conservation
  930 945   TBA   Chairman's introduction
  945 1010 1 Nicolas Ospina Colombia Rehab project in Colombia
  1010 1035 2 Bobby Suhartanto Indonesia Saving Javan Hawk Eagle with Falconry method
  1035 1100 3 Masoumeh Safaei Iran Conservation of BoPs in Iran or Persian Wildlife Magazine
  1100 1130 Morning tea break
  1130 1200 4 Dr Sergei Zinoviev Russia Conservation and Research of BoPs in Uzbekistan
  1200 1230 5 Nick Williams UK/UAE Saker Falcon Global Action Plan
  1230 1300 6 Dr Andrew Dixon UK Calidus Peregrine migration studies
  1300 1400 Lunch      
  1400 1420 7 Janusz Sielicki Poland Peregrine in E Europe or Saker in Kazakhstan
  1420 1440 8 Janos Toth Hungary MWMI Bird protection - electrocution in Hungary
  1440 1500 9 Raul Pacchiano Mexico Raptor conservation in Mexico
  1500 1530 Afternoon teabreak
  1530 1600 10 Dr Alexander Sorokin Russia Conservation of the Russian Gyrfalcon
  1600 1630 11 Dr Adrian Lombard South Africa "The IAF Moves Forwards”  The role of the IAF as the global advocacy and defence organization for Falconry.  What are the future goals of the IAF and how can we meet them.
  1630 1700 12 Adrian Reuter Mexico Falconry and CITES: the good, the bad and the ugly


        Kamran Khan   Falconry’s Future in Pakistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan 
        Huisheng Chen   Falconry’s Future in China and Taiwan 
        TBA   Latin American Falconry
        Bakyt Karnakbayev   The Future of Falconry in Asia. 
        Dr Bohumil Straka   IAF Advisory Committee Meeting 
Tuesday 9th December 1100 1300   Dr Nick Fox   AGM Falconry Heritage Trust
        Robert Bagley   Marshall telemetry workshop
        Laco Molnar   The management of falconry birds
        Nicola Dixon   Schools Links programme
7-9th December       Wingbeat team   Rofalconry demonstrations
7-9th December       Jo Oliver   Sand-dune Cinema


Thursday 11th December Conference Room A
  UNESCO Action Plans          
  900 920   Dr Awadh Saleh UAE Chairman's introduction
  920 945   TBA    
  945 1010 1 TBA    
  1010 1035 2 TBA    
  1035 1100 3 TBA    
  1100 1130 Morning tea break      
  1130 1200 4 TBA    
  1200 1230 5 TBA    
  1230 1300 6 TBA    
Thursday 11th December Conference Room B
Closed invited meeting Electrocution issues in Mongolia
  900 920   Dr Andrew Dixon UK Chairman's introduction
  920 1100 1 TBA   How birds get electrocuted at Mongolian power poles
  1100 1130 Morning tea break      
  1130 1300 2 TBA   Scale and extent of electrocution in Mongolia
  1300 1400 Lunch      
  1400 15:00 3 TBA   What can be done to reduce electrocution rates?
  1500 1530 Afternoon teabreak      
  1530 1700 4 TBA   Potential ways to fund remediation
Friday 12th December            
  Arabian Falconry Workshop
  900 920   TBA   Chairman's introduction
  920 945   TBA   Developing International Falconry Competitions
  945 1010   TBA    
  1010 1035   TBA    
  1035 1100   TBA    
  1100 1130 Morning tea break TBA    
  1130 1200   TBA    
  1200 1230   TBA    
  1230 1300   TBA    
Saturday 13th December            
  900 920   TBA   Chairman's introduction
  920 945   TBA    
  945 1010 1 TBA    
  1010 1035 2 TBA    
  1035 1100 3 TBA    
  1100 1130 Morning tea break TBA    
  1130 1200 4 TBA    
  1200 1230 5 TBA    
  1230 1300 6 TBA    


To view a Map of the UAE click here.

The public Festival will be held at Al Forsan Sports Centre on the south side of Abu Dhabi city. The centre has a floodlit polo ground ground and excellent public facilities.  Al Forsan has its own conference facilites and restaurant, and a world class equestrian centre. Visitors will be staying mainly at the Aloft Hotel, Centro Hotel, and Premier Inn, about 15 minutes away.

The Desert Camp

During the first four days of the Festival there will be a Desert Camp, about 70 minutes out of town at 230 58’N    540 11’ E. There will be shuttle buses to the Desert Camp. It will be only for one thousand pre-registered falconers and will not be open to the general public. We will be manning the hawks there for the Festival and practising some of the arena activities. Local falconers will be flying some of their falcons and we will also be running some of the salukis and practising with the horses and camels. The Desert Camp will have basic amenities of toilets and catering, with tents and campfires. You can curl up on a carpet in a shared tent to sleep, or sleep under the stars. We will not be providing hotel accommodation during the Desert Camp days.

We plan to hold semi-formal workshops during the Desert Camp period and if you are interested in arranging a workshop please let us know. Buses wll also take people on excursions on these days, to the Grand Mosque and the Falcon Hospital.

We will try to make available at least one bird of prey per nation, often more, of the species each nations falconers are used to. The national representatives will be responsible for manning and looking after these birds for the entire week. Some of them will be flying in the arena events. Sitting around the campfires in the desert camp is a lovely way to man the birds and to catch up with old friends or to experience the traditional desert lifestyle. Lady falconers are welcome at the desert camp.

As well as hawking parties hunting houbara on camel and horses, we plan to have some hare hawking available for people on foot with Goshawks and Harris Hawks. This will be at Balhamid tree plantation at 230 47’N   540 21’E.  On 10th December the desert camp will close and everyone will move to the Festival site at Al Forsan.


Traditional Falconry at the Desert Camp

As well as the normal activities you expect at the International Festival, we plan to offer the opportunity for a limited number of falconers to go on a hawking trip alongside experienced local falconers and trackers from Saturday 6th to Wednesday 10th December. For many falconers, this is the highlight of their experience in Arabia. The main quarries will be houbara and the desert hare and the hawking will be conducted in the traditional manner with saker falcons, salukis, horses and camels. Because of the sheer logistics, places will be limited. You need to be physically fit because even a three or four hour trip can be tough going and we cannot easily come and rescue you. We plan to have some camels available at the camp for those who would like to try out camel riding. We also plan to arrange some hare hawking on foot in the forestry plantations using goshawks and Harris hawks. If you hope to take part in any activities, please ensure that your insurance policy covers you. The hosts and organisers accept no liability and you do eveything entirely at your own risk.

To register to attend the desert camp please contact the festival office. Priority will be given to sponsored guests but we plan to have places available for a good number of non-sponsored visitors too.

To go on a hunting trip, please look at the spreadheet and ask the festival office to enter your name for one of the slots. Before doing so, ensure that you will actually be there at that time and that it doe not clash with any other of your engagements. The first parties hunting on Saturday evening must have arrived at the camp at the latest by Saturday lunchtime. On the morning of Wednesday the 10th, many people will not be able to hunt because they will be organising their stand or exhibit at Al Forsan.

Also at the Desert Camp we will be training raptors in preparation for the arena events and there will be demonstration flying going on. In the evenings there will be several campfires and informal workshops, discussion groups, some home-grown musical entertainment and a sand-dune cinema where you can show your own hawking films. During the day there will be excursions arranged to visit places of interest such as the Grand Mosque and the Falcon Hospital. The Abu Dhabi Falconers' Club will be organising falcon and saluki demonstrations and providin a BBQ on Wednesday 10th at their club grounds near Abu Dhabi.

Falconry Conference

On Thursday 11th  there will be a Falconry Conference at the conference centre in Al Forsan. Speakers for this event are still being organised. The two topics for the conference will be UNESCO submissions and action plans, chaired by Dr Awadh Saleh, and Mitigating Raptor Electrocutions, chaired by Dr Andrew Dixon. Additional informal workshops on a variety of topics are planned for the Desert Camp.

Photographic Exhibition

There will be a Photographic Exhibition of work from nominated falconers from each of the falconry countries. These will be sponsored to attend with their work. If you have a photograph of falconry in your country, which you think might merit you being sponsored to attend, please contact your National Representative.

Art and Craft Exhibition

The Art Exhibition will include sections for both two and three dimensional art, calligraphy, falconry equipment, falconry jewellery and costume. Nominated national exhibitors will be sponsored to attend and exhibit their work. Please approach your National Representative if you wish to be nominated. Items will be limited to sizes that can be taken as accompanied luggage on planes. We plan to hold a Ladies Reception in the Photography and Arts Exhibit, hosted by the ladies of the IAF Women's Group in national dress.

Music and Dance

Singers, Poets and Dancers from any of the 77 falconry nations will be invited to perform at the Festival on a non-competitive basis to exhibit the huge cultural variety found in world falconry. If you would like to participate, contact us and you may be offered a sponsored trip.

Arena Events

Teams wishing to participate in arena events are invited to discuss feasibility with the organisers and a variety of species of trained birds of prey, as well as horses and camels, will be available.


Pre-booked coaches will be available for various day excursions such as to Abu Dhabi to see the city and to visit the Grand Mosque. These will be run during the Desert Camp days. These are 250 Dirhams per day for non-sponsored visitors.



Sponsored Guests

You become a sponsored guest by volunteering to undertake one of the roles at the festival advertised on the festival website. Contact jevgeni@falcons.co.uk if you have a question on this.  Once the organisers at the Festival Office have agreed your sponsorship they will email you an official invitation and your name will appear on the website list. From this point on, all travel arrangements and enquiries should be made direct to the official festival travel agents, NOT to the Festival Office. Note that only the Festival Office issues invitations. If someone else has invited you, and you are not on the official list, then you are not a sponsored guest and we will not cover your costs.

Your sponsored trip will be arranged through the festival travel agents,  

Tamer Abdellatif           Groups Operation supervisor     Tel: +971  2  6277997 Ext: 311  |   email : tamer@ntravel.ae

Website:  www.ntravel.ae

You will be given a wristband on arrival at the airport.  Look out for the Meet and Greet festival desk at Arrivals. You must wear your wristband throughout the event. It is non-transferable. If you damage it or lose it you lose your sponsorship.  All sponsored guests with this wristband will be entitled to the following:

1.  Economy flight ticket from nearest international airport to Abu Dhabi, or if unavailable, to Dubai. If you wish to upgrade you must pay the travel agent in advance.

2.  An invitation letter for your Visa application if applicable.

3.  The cost of your visa.

4.  A standard economy 20kg luggage allowance.

5.  Extra luggage allowance for specialist equipment by prior agreement only.

6.  A Meet and Greet service at airport arrivals.

7.  A bus direct to the Desert Camp.

8.  Free halal food and vegetarian options at the Desert Camp.

9.  Showers and facilities at the Desert Camp.

10. Bedding and communal segregated dormitory tents at the Desert Camp.

11. Pre-booked day trips from the Desert Camp to places of interest.

12. Lockable storage facilities for passports, laptops etc.

13. Bus to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday 10th December.

14.   Visit and BBQ at Abu Dhabi Falconers' Club

15.   Pre-booked shared hotel room in Abu Dhabi 10-14th December.

16.   Breakfasts at the hotel but not other hotel meals.

17.   Does not include hotel laundry, telephone, mini-bar or any other extras.

18.   Catered meals at the festival including Gala Dinner.

19.   Daily return bus where applicable to Al Forsan.

20.   Bus to the airport departure.

21.   Sponsorship does not guarantee a hunting trip at the Desert Camp.

22.   Hotel accommodation will NOT be sponsored during 7-10th December. If you wish to stay in a hotel during the desert camp dates you must pay this yourself. Nirvana can help you with bookings.

23.    Sponsorship does not imply any liability on the part of the organisers or hosts, howsoever caused. You are strongly advised to take out your own  travel insurance, and if you plan any riding activity or involvement with animals, ensure that your policy covers you for that.


Family is defined as husband, wife, children or direct blood relative. This category does not include friends or colleagues. If you have more than one family member  eg a wife and children, arrangements must be made to register them all. Travel plans for family must be made through the travel agents at the same time as your own, but you will have to pay for their flights, visas and accommodation. Both you and your family must register together. Family members will have a different wristband and will be entitled to:

1.     A Visa invitation letter.

2.     A Meet and Greet service at airport arrivals.

3.     A bus direct to the Desert Camp.

4.    Registration for the Desert Camp (300 Dirham regitrtion fee to be paid when booking).

5.     Halal food and vegetarian options at the Desert Camp.

6.     Showers and facilities at the Desert Camp.

7.     Bedding and communal segregated dormitory tents at the Desert Camp.

8.     Pre-booked day trips from the Desert Camp to places of interest @ 250 Dirhams each.

9.     Lockable storage facilities for passports, laptops etc.

10.   Bus to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday 10th December.

11.   Shared room with sponsored guest at pre-booked hotel in Abu Dhabi 10-14th December, charged to you, payable at booking.

12.    Does not include additional rooms for additional family. These can be booked and paid for through Nirvana.

13.    Does not include any meals at the hotel.

14.    Does not include hotel laundry, telephone, mini-bar or any other extras.

15.       Free invitation to Abu Dhabi Falconers Club BBQ on 10th December.

16.       Pre-paid meals at Al Forsan during the event.

17.       Daily return bus where applicable to Al Forsan.

18.       Bus to the airport departure.



Visas. Check carefully if you need a Visa or not to enter UAE or any transit countries.

Passport. Check that your passport is valid for at least six months after you will leave UAE.

Hotels. If you do not wish to stay at the Desert Camp, or if you wish to extend your visit to UAE, you can make hotel bookings through the travel agents at your own expense. There are no hotels within walking distance of Al Forsan. Most are closer to town.

Local sponsored guests. If you live locally and do not require a flight you can either make your own way to the Desert Camp or meet at the airport to join a travel group.

Desert Camp 6th-10th December
Note that the Desert Camp is restricted to 1000 pre-registered falconers only.
We will not be providing hotel accommodation during this period.
If you cannot cope with desert conditions, please do not register to come.
1. We plan to provide sleeping bags and pillows but not towels.  A torch is handy but not essential.
2. Bring warm clothes for the evening.
3. Bring emergency snacks and food in case you get hungry between meals- there are no local shops.
4. Basic meals will be provided - please note that special dietary requirements cannot be catered for. If your nation would like to cook a national dish, please consult with the organising team well ahead of time.
5. If you are lucky enough to see a scorpion or snake do not disturb it.
6. There will be basic first aid on site and an ambulance present from the 6th December.
7. There will be showers and toilets on site.
8. 20-person dormitory tents will be grouped by cultural regions, with separate provisions for ladies.
9. If you have a musical talent, or a film to show, please bring it for evening entertainment.
10. Lock-up facilities will be available for passports, cameras etc but the management accept no responsibility for their safe-keeping.
11. A Festival Office will be open at all times to cater for any problems.
12. Daily schedules of Hunting Parties and events will be posted at the Festival Office.
13. There will be a manned weathering area for raptors, together with weighing and feeding facilities and vets in attendance.
14. There will be generated electricity on site for re-charging equipment but you may need your own adaptor.
15. If you are riding a camel or horse, check that you are insured for this activity. You are doing all activities entirely at your own risk! If you are hoping to ride a horse, bring appropriate protective gear - boots, hat, back protector etc and above all, do not attempt an activity beyond your skill level.
Al Forsan 10th-14th December
There are not many hotels close to Al Forsan. Instead we will use three hotels nearer the city. These are Premier Inn, Aloft and Centro Capital Rotana. Sponsored guests will be allocated hotels by the Festival Travel Agents and will be placed in cultural groups, to minimise language problems. Unsponsored visitors are asked to contact the Festival Travel Agents in order to co-ordinate their plans, especially if they are companions of sponsored guests. If you are sponsored to stay in a hotel, please check carefully what is sponsored and what is not. Mini-bar, laundry, phone calls and extra meals are not sponsored and you must pay for these on checking out. Festival shuttle buses will visit these three hotels. If you are staying somewhere else you must make your own travel arrangements.


December in Abu Dhabi is very pleasant. It can be cool at night and warm clothing is needed. In the daytime it is cool enough to be active outside during the whole day. Evenings are a lovely time to socialise, circulate and meet new friends and local falconers will be on hand to show the legendary Abu Dhabi hospitality. Bring loose clothing, some with long sleeves to guard against sunburn. Insects are not a major problem. Sand can be an issue, especially if there is a windstorm, so ensure that you have sealed containers for sensitive equipment such as cameras, and bring sandals that can easily be kicked off to empty out sand.

National dress is required for the arena events and parade of nations.

Throughout the public event at Al Forsan, we as falconers will be showcasing our sport to visitors. We ask you to dress and behave in a way that upholds the good reputation of both Falconry, and your own Nation, and with respect for our Host Nation.


All travel arrangements should be made through the official festival travel agents:

Tamer Abdellatif


PO Box 41818

Abu Dhabi

Tel: 00971 2 627 7997

Email: tamer@ntravel.ae 

Website: www.ntravel.ae

Nirvana will be handling everything for sponsored visitors including your hotel booking. Download and fill in the booking form and read the booking form availability policy. If you are not sponsored, please contact your National Representative who may have arranged a group travel booking.


A Meet and Greet Service will be provided for sponsored visitors and for those registered in advance to attend the Desert Camp. Further information will be sent by e-mail with final confirmation.



All visitors and delegates are responsible for their own travel insurance. The Festival organisers request that all travellers take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before arriving in the UAE. Make sure you are covered for unusual activities such as riding a camel or handling an eagle. The hosts and organisers accept no liability and you carry out all activities entirely at your own risk. Similarly, make sure that you are insured for any last minute changes to your travel plan.


There are no compulsory vaccinations required for entry into UAE

For more detailed advice before you travel see 


Ministry of Health UAE - http://dcc.org.ae/en/Page_764.aspx

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK) - http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/middle-east-north-africa/united-arab-emirates#health

Citizens of the following countries ( holders of Regular Passports ) are exempted from UAE visa:

3- Netherlands

2- Italy

1- United Kingdom

6- Norway

5- Austria

4- Luxemburg

9- France

8- Greece

7- Portugal

12- Switzerland

11- Belguim


15- San Marino

14- Iceland

13- Monaco

18- Andorra

17- Vatican

16- Spain

21- Sweden

20- Slovenia

19- Poland

24- Finland

23- Ireland

22- Denmark

27- Lithuania

26- Czech

25- Slovakia

30- Estonia

29- Latvia

28- Hungary

33- Croatia

32- Cyprus

31- Malta

36- USA

35- Bulgaria

34- Romania

39- Japan

38- New Zealand

37- Australia

42- Brunei

41- Hong Kong

40- Singapore

45- Canada

44- South Korea

43- Malaysia

- See more at: http://www.mofa.gov.ae/mofa_english/portal/79e01fed-3501-4ebb-accd-9e27950433a7.aspx#sthash.icPYLHmC.dpuf


  • Taking part in the Festival
  • Sponsored contributors
  • National Representatives
  • Photographic Exhibitors
  • Art & Craft Exhibitors
  • Conference Speakers
  • Music, dance, poetry, song and Arena
  • Hosts for UNESCO delegates
  • Tent list (first draft)
  • Arena Events (provisional)

Taking part in the Festival

Falconers will be coming from all over the world as sponsored delegates who have been assigned a job or jobs to make the Festival a success.

Those coming independently are invited to come and support their country and are encouraged to come in national dress. We hope that expatriates in the UAE will also turn out to support their home country.

If you are an expatriate and would like to get involved, email info@falconryfestival.com with your details and we will put you in touch with the delegation coming from your country. Or contact your National Representatives direct if their names are already listed on this website.
Each nation or region will have its own National Camp or exhibit. There you can showcase many things about falconry and the culture of your country. You are encouraged to link up with your Embassy and Tourist Board who may be able to provide you with support.

Sponsored contributors

Sponsored contributors at the 2014 International Festival of Falconry

Sponsored volunteers
Volunteers will supply material for, set up and run each Exhibit:

Conservation of raptors Exhibit     Ivaylo Klisurov
Conservation of raptors Exhibit     Batbayar Galtbalt
Conservation of raptors Exhibit  
Conservation of prey Exhibit  
Conservation of prey Exhibit  
Conservation of prey Exhibit  
Education Exhibit                             Anne Price
Education Exhibit                             Ellen Hagen
Education Exhibit                             Sarangerel Ichinkhorloo
Dogs Exhibit                                      Vincent Flannelly
Dogs Exhibit                                     Jeff Sugg
Heritage Exhibit                              David Horobin
Heritage Exhibit                              Paul Beecroft
Heritage Exhibit                              Peter Devers
Heritage Exhibit                             
Rehabilitation Exhibit                     Yvonne Sitko
Rehabilitation Exhibit                      Dr Keiya Nakajima
IAF Exhibit                                         Dr Adrian Lombard
IAF Exhibit                                         Gary Timbrell
IAF Exhibit                                         Patricia Cimberio
IAF Exhibit                                         Veronica Blontrock
Weathering Tent                              Martyn Perryman
Weathering Tent                             Andres Cancino Toledo
Weathering Tent                             Dianne Moller
Weathering Tent                             Tomas Kunca
Weathering Tent  
Weathering Tent  
Commentator                                 Jim Chick
Master of Ceremonies                  Terry Large

Collecting Ring  
Collecting Ring  
Collecting Ring  
Hawking co-ordinator                   Shawn Hayes
Hawking co-ordinator                   Stephen Shaw
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Hawking co-ordinator  
Arena Event Organiser                             Alan Gates
Arena Event Organiser  
Arena Event Organiser  
Arena Event Organiser  
Coordinator of Central-Asian countries              Bakhyt Karnakbayev
Coordinator of Central and South-American countries     Fernando Feas
Falconry Media                                    Peter Eldrett
Falconry Media                                    Bob Dalton
Falconry Media                                    Neil Davies
Falconry Media                                    Hans-Albrecht Hewicker
Falconry Media                                    Antonio Cuartero
Falconry Media                                    Anthony Crosswell
Falconry Media                                   Zhang Wenchao
Falconry Media                                    Kenn Filkins
Video (cameraman)                            Mykola Rud'
Eagle Team  
Eagle Team  
Eagle Team  
Eagle Team  
Eagle Team  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Hawk handlers  
Horse handler                                       Jan-Erik Andreason (Nenne)
Horse handler                                       Mary Craney

National Representatives

National Representatives at the 2014 International Festival of Falconry.

The National Representatives are appointed by agreement with the falconers of his or her country to carry out the tasks below. You can find your Representative in the table below. If no name is entered under your country then please chase up your colleagues to get one named and sponsored to attend. Or volunteer!

  1. To be the main contact points between the Festival Office and the falconers of your country. If they cannot understand any of the languages on the website, please find someone to translate each section and we will post if for you on the website.
  2. To encourage falconers from your country to attend the festival and smooth their trip plans for them by liaising with the Festival Office. Some countries are arranging group travel to reduce their costs.Travel plans, visas, hotels and local transport etc will be handled through the travel agents at the Abu Dhabi Office.
  3. To provide to the Festival Office by 1st October 2014 high definition photographs of falconers and countryside from your nation. We will arrange for some of these to be printed on a large scale as a backdrop for your National Camp. You may have some individual ideas on how to show your country at the stand. We will try to do as much for you as possible before you come, so that you do not have to carry heavy display items on the plane.
  4. Check if your country has an Embassy or official Representative in UAE and contact them. Refer them to the Festival and ask for support such as links with your Tourist Board, links with ex-pats living in UAE who can support your nation, links with your Chamber of Commerce who may be interested in the Festival as a venue for meetings and so on.
  5. Co-ordinate within your nation which artist/crafts person and which photographer should be sponsored to attend the festival, with their work for exhibition. Inform the Festival Office as soon as possible.
  6. We cannot promise anything, but if you have a VIP who you would like to invite, apply to the Festival Office with full details. This could be a UNESCO official or a Government Minister relevant to falconry in your country.
  7. If you think your nation, perhaps together with neighbouring nations, can provide a 20 minute arena event, please send details of your idea to the Festival Office as soon as possible.
  8. If you have falconers able to contribute to the general exhibits, such as conservation, heritage, education etc, or have ideas for a new exhibit, encourage them to contact the Festival Office immediately.
  9. If you have falconers who are able to contribute with music, songs or dance relating to falconry, please let us know. We plan to have a Ladies Reception and are looking for Lady Falconers in national dress to participate. This event will be co-ordinated through the IAF ladies group.
  10. You will be responsible for making your National Camp one to be proud of. Link up with the Festival Office on details of tent size, tables, power supply etc. Your task is to convey a real taste of your country. You may wish to include food and cooking (perhaps assisted by ex-pats living in UAE), travel and tourism information, clothing, badges, brochures, DVD displays, music etc. Don’t do all the work yourself. Involve everyone from your country. It should be a team effort.
  11. You will be carrying the flag for your nation in the Grand Parade. Your task is to ensure that if a raptor is available for your team to carry, that it is collected and returned safely. You need to get your team together promptly on time in full national dress. There will be a limit of 10 people per country in the Grand Parade and we have to get one country through the gate every 20 seconds.
  12. Although there will be some specialist media people at the event, you need to ensure that photos or film are taken of your nation so that they can be shown to falconers back home and to your local media.

The list of National Delegates proposed and confimed so far

Afghanistan Pervaiz Khojazadah ???
Algeria Tewfik Ouadou
Algeria Abdelkader Ben Bounif
Argentina Enrique Alberto Gómez
Argentina Sergio Daniel Fazio
Armenia   Ovaness Stepanyan
Australia Fred Spiteri
Australia  Ali Hi
Austria Dr. Harald Barsch
Austria Mr. Peter Metzner
Austria Mr. Martin Ranzenhofer
Austria Mr. Marcel Nicht
Azerbaijan Parviz Nasibzade

Bolivia Francisco Javier Delagado Diaz
Raul Ernesto Rojas Llanos
Brazil John Paul
Brazil Bruno Silveira
Belgium Luc Moyson
Belgium Jan Deckers
Belgium Gunter Daes
Belgium Bianchini Lorenza
Bosnia & Herzegovina Perica Dodig
Bulgaria Pavel Yakimov
Canada Patrick (Paddy) Thompson
Canada Carl Miller
Chile Christian González (President)
Chile (PATAGONIA!) Carlos Silva-Quintas 
China (PRC) Baoyong Zhang
China (PRC) Li Shi (email of his son)
China (PRC) Zhang Wenchao
China (PRC) Wu Di
Colombia Don Jaime Alberto Quintero
Croatia Ivan Horvat  
Croatia Robert Stibric
Czech Republic
Didier Alvarez Hernandez
Yosvany Alvarez Bonilla
Sona Tomkova
Czech Republic Petr Kolomaznik
Czech Republic Jan Prochazka
Denmark  Anders Ploug Aalgord
Denmark  Michael Georgi
El Salvador Roy Beers
Egypt Moh. Mamdouh Mahmoud Taha
England  Derek Stotten
England  Martyn Strandley
Estonia Dmitri Saksa
Finland Markku Kallinen
France Benoît Labarthe
France Serge Prévost
France Lionel Blanchet  
Georgian Republic Giorgi Gabunia
Georgian Republic Anzor Miqeladze
Germany Ulf Voss
Germany Hans-Albrecht Hewicker
Germany Claas Niehues
Greece Stavros Lehoudis
Hungary Turcsányi Zoltán
Hungary Molnár Imre
Hungary Billege Balázs
Iceland Christina Hauschildt
India Raquib Khan
 India  Safrazuddin Malik
Indonesia Panji Aria Putra 
Iran Reza Parastar Namin
 Iran Mehdi Hamedi
Italy Roberto Mazzetti
   Francesco De Simone

Japan Yukio Fukuoka
Jordan Khaled W.Jaouni
Kazakhstan Aibyn Baimurzin
Kyrghistan Almazbek Akunov
Kyrghyzstan Mairamkul Asanaliev
Lithuania Darius Daugela
Macedonia Ognen Polenak
Malta   Warren Galea
Mexico Francisco Vazquez
Mexico Hector Verdejo  
Mongolia Khaizym Burkitkhan
Mongolia  Shaimurat Askhabyl
Mongolia  Bauyrjan Sajfalmulik
Mongolia  Jyenisbyek Syerik
Morocco Abdelhak Chaouni
Morocco Mustafa Benali
Morocco  Alik El Houti
Morocco  Hafid Touil
Namibia Tom Newton

Netherlands Fritz Klein
Netherlands Adrian Koster
Netherlands Paul Huizing
New Zealand Noel Hyde
New Zealand Debby Stewart
Northern Ireland Jamesie King
Northern Ireland Aodhan Brown
Pakistan Arbab Ithesham Ullah Khan
Pakistan Salman Haider
Paraguay Raul Palacios German Princigalli
Paraguay Tatiana María Rivarola Quevedo
Peru Jose Luis Gagliardi Ríos
Peru David Rodriquez
Paquito Yatko and Alvin Layva
Pawel Wieland
Poland Mgr inz. Krzysztof Staniszewski
Portugal Pedro Afonso
Portugal Gonçalo Abreu
Qatar ZAYED AL-ALI, Al-Maadeed
Republic of Ireland Mick Docherty
Republic of Ireland Don Ryan  
Romania Nicu Parlog
Romania Dorin Carabet
Russia Aleksander Musakov
Russia Aleksei Bahterev
Russia Emirkhanov Bilal (Dagestan)
Saudi Arabia Dr Bayali
Saudi Arabia
Scotland Andrew Knowles-Brown
Scotland Steve Tattersall
Serbia   Mileko Acimovich
Serbia   Saša Spasic
Slovakia Miroslav Ostrihon
Slovakia Ivan Mala
Slovakia Lubomír Málek
Slovenia Mrs. Vilma Alina Šoba
Slovenia Dr. Igor Tavcar
South Africa  Lizet Beukes
South Africa Dylan Freeman
South Korea Sang hyun Park
South Korea Hyung gyen Pyo
South Korea Young dae Noh
Spain Andres Lopez Sanchez 
Spain Antonio Cuartero Naranjo 
Spain Francisco Javier Rivas Blanco 
Spain Miguel Angel Martin Benito
Sweden Chris Eastham
Sweden Tommy Wingren
Switzerland Christian Hüsler  
Switzerland Felix Moor

Taiwan Huisheng Chen
Taiwan Lu Chung Hsien
Tajikistan Nasrullo Faizullaev
Thailand Peera Chungteerapanich
Thailand Sirichai Watthanawan
Tunisia Atef Jenhani
Tunisia Nourdine Hajjem
Tunisia Walid Jenhani
Turkey   Barlas Potukonen
Turkey   Dogan Simit and Seref Akdemirci
Turkmenistan Cherkezov Aydogdy
Turkmenistan Bayramov Nurmyrat
Turkmenistan Yusupov Dursun
USA Bob Welle
USA Scott McNeff
Ukraine Roman Derevianko
Ukraine Olga Volgina
Uruguay Manuel Maier

Uzbekistan Mamatisak Nishanov
Uzbekistan Bobur Araslanov
Uzbekistan Abdumannon Ishanhodjaev
Ricardo Enrique Colorado Garcia
Venezuela Israel Sleiman
Vietnam Nguyen Dang Khoa  
Vietnam Nguyen Dinh Si  
Wales Dr David Ridpath  
Wales Mick Cordell  
Zimbabwe Andre Groenewald
Zimbabwe Piere Heymans

Photographic Exhibitors

Subject matter can include any subject related to falconry in your country. Contact your National Representatives for consideration for a sponsored place.There will be one photograph per country, submitted as a high resolution file.This will be printed and hung for you by the local organisers. Exhibitors will provide print and copyright of winning photo in each class.

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China - Wu Peng
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic - Zdenek Tunka
  • Denmark - Christina Hauschildt
  • England
  • Estonia - Svetlana Saksa
  • France
  • Georgian Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • IAF
  • India -
  • Iran - Dr Reza Kiamarzi
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jordan - Khaled W.Jaouni
  • Kazakhstan - Oleg Belyalov
  • Kuwait
  • Kyrghistan
  • Malta - Marco Aquilina
  • Mexico
  • Mongolia - Khainar Khaisanai
  • Morocco
  • Northern Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand - Kurien Johannen
  • Pakistan -Muhammad Amjad
  • Peru - Raul Ramirez
  • Poland - Pszczotka Michal
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Scotland - Alan Rothery
  • Serbia & Montenegro
  • Slovakia -Ivan Mala
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa - Alan Harvey
  • SouthKorea
  • Spain - Alejandro Oria Caceres
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • USA - Danny Pickens
  • Ukraine - Anatoly Tokar
  • Uzbekistan - Shuxrat Islamov
  • Venezuela
  • Wales - Linda Wright
  • Zimbabwe - Kewin Wicks

Art & Craft Exhibitors

  • Selection will be done by the National Representatives of each nation.
  • Your entry must be entirely your own original work, not defame anybody nor breach any copyright.
  • Any form of artwork may be entered, including two and three dimensional work in any medium including ceramics, needlework and leatherwork.
  • The artwork must be in the original form from the hand of the artist. Prints will not be accepted except insofar as they constitute original work in themselves, such as woodcuts, litho prints, screen prints or, for example, bronze castings.
  • The art can be art for art’s sake (ie essentially without practical function) or it can be some type of craft work or decorative work, such as a falcon hood, glove or hawking bag, depending on category.
  • You agree to provide the original artwork for exhibition at the Festival.
  • The organisers agree to fund the transport and exhibition of the artwork but do not accept any liability for damage howsoever caused.We will not accept any work that is too large to come as accompanied luggage with the exhibitor and we will not arrange separate transport for any item.
  • Entries may be offered for sale during the Festival but may not be removed until 1700 on Saturday 14th December 2014.
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Brazil- Delo Chiarelli Virginio ?
  • Belgium
  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China - Chen Liang
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic - Milan Erben
  • England
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Georgian Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Iran - Shapur Akbari
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan- Yessengali Sadyrbayev
  • Kuwait
  • Kyrghistan
  • Malta- Johan Cuschieri
  • Mexico- Marisol Pacchiano
  • Mongolia- Narbyek Khasim
  • Morocco
  • Northern Ireland- John Moore
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand- Nic Dillon
  • Pakistan- Ibrahim Ahmed
  • Peru - Jose Antonio Maradiegue
  • Poland- David Dudek
  • Portugal- Francisco Galamba
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Ireland- Johan Kolman
  • Romania- Korn Vasile
  • Russia- Vadim Gorbatov
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Scotland- Colin Woolf
  • Serbia & Montenegro
  • Slovakia- Lubomir Malek
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain- Adolfo Ruiz
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia - Karim Hikimi
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan- Maksat Tugurov
  • USA
  • Ukraine - Sergei Kislitsa
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela
  • Wales
  • Zimbabwe- Rodney Cormack
  • Falconry equipment - Ian Maccheyne
  • Falconry equipment - Mark Richards

Conference Speakers

Details of the Conference are still in the planning stage. If you think you have something to contribute please contact us.

Day1 Session 1 Speaker 1  Dr Javier Ceballos
Day1 Session 1 Speaker 2   Haroon Latif
Day1 Session 1 Speaker 3   Dr Soma Takuya
Day1 Session 1 Speaker 4  Ricardfo Padilla
Day1 Session 1 Speaker 5  Dr Nick Fox
Day1 Session 2 Speaker 1  Antonio Caurtero
Day1 Session 2 Speaker 2  
Day1 Session 2 Speaker 3  Martin Brereton
Day1 Session 2 Speaker 4  Michael P. Jones
Day1 Session 2 Speaker 5  Dr Marino Garcia Montijano
Day1 Session 3 Speaker 1  
Day1 Session 3 Speaker 2  
Day1 Session 3 Speaker 3  
Day1 Session 3 Speaker 4  
Day1 Session 3 Speaker 5  
Day1 Session 4 Speaker 1  
Day1 Session 4 Speaker 2  
Day1 Session 4 Speaker 3  
Day1 Session 4 Speaker 4  
Day1 Session 4 Speaker 5  
Day 2 Session 1 Speaker 1  Sami ur Rahman
Day 2 Session 1 Speaker 2
Day 2 Session 1 Speaker 3  Dr Oliver Grimm
Day 2 Session 1 Speaker 4  Rushil Shergill
Day 2 Session 1 Speaker 5  Prof Baudouin van den Abeele
Day 2 Session 2 Speaker 1  Kent Carnie
Day 2 Session 2 Speaker 2  Dick ten Bosch
Day 2 Session 2 Speaker 3  Prof Sigrid Schwenk
Day 2 Session 2 Speaker 4  Dr Dennis Keen
Day 2 Session 2 Speaker 5  Noriko Otsuka
Day 2 Session 3 Speaker 1  Erdenebat Ulambayar
Day 2 Session 3 Speaker 2  
Day 2 Session 3 Speaker 3  
Day 2 Session 3 Speaker 4  
Day 2 Session 3 Speaker 5  
Day 2 Session 4 Speaker 1  
Day 2 Session 4 Speaker 2  
Day 2 Session 4 Speaker 3  
Day 2 Session 4 Speaker 4  
Day 2 Session 4 Speaker 5  
Day 3 Session 1 Speaker 1  Nicolas Ospina
Day 3 Session 1 Speaker 2  Bobby Suhartanto
Day 3 Session 1 Speaker 3  Masoumeh Safaei
Day 3 Session 1 Speaker 4  Dr Sergei Zinoviev
Day 3 Session 1 Speaker 5  Nick Williams
Day 3 Session 2 Speaker 1  Dr Andrew Dixon
Day 3 Session 2 Speaker 2  Janusz Sielicki
Day 3 Session 2 Speaker 3  Janos Toth
Day 3 Session 2 Speaker 4  
Day 3 Session 2 Speaker 5  Adrian Reuter
Day 3 Session 3 Speaker 1  Karl-Heinz Gersmann
Day 3 Session 3 Speaker 2  Maros Karabinos
Day 3 Session 3 Speaker 3  
Day 3 Session 3 Speaker 4  
Day 3 Session 3 Speaker 5  
Day 3 Session 4 Speaker 1  
Day 3 Session 4 Speaker 2  
Day 3 Session 4 Speaker 3  
Day 3 Session 4 Speaker 4  
Day 3 Session 4 Speaker 5  

Music, dance, poetry, song and Arena


We are looking for singers, musicians, poets and dancers to perform falconry-related items at the Children's Day, the Falconers Feast and at the VIP Gala Dinner and Concert and at the Desert Camp. Please contact us if you have somthing to offer.

1 Music/social organiser
1 Music/social organiser
1 Singers/musicians/dancers
Arena performers
Tasks: To attend all practices and rehearsals as designated by your event organiser.
The arena events are still at the early planning stages. If you have a idea for a 20 minute event, please contact us.
1 Kazakhstan
4 Kyrgizstan
7 Mongolia
10 Others
13 Others
16 Others
19 Others
22 Others
25 Others
28 Others
31 Others
34 Others

Hosts for UNESCO delegates

Tasks: To attend the workshop on UNESCO Action Plans (day of week) ?? December 2014
To host and escort your UNESCO delegates as needed, to explain to them all aspects of falconry.
Dress code: National dress on appropriate occasions
1 Belgium  
1 Czech Republic  
1 China  
1 France  
1 Mongolia  
1 Morocco  
1 Qatar  
1 Saudi  
1 Slovakia  
1 South Korea  
1 Spain  
1 Syria  
1 UAE  
1 Hungary  
1 Croatia  
1 Netherlands  
2  Tula Stapert
1 Tunisia  
1 Austria  
1 Turkey  

Tent list (first draft)

TENT LIST Number Size (m) Specification Flooring
Abu Dhabi Village at Al Forsan        
Arab national camps at Al Forsan        
North Africa        
Main Festival Items
Conservation of raptors Exhibit 1 6x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Conservation of prey (quarry) Exhibit 1 6x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Education Exhibit 1 10x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Veterinary Exhibit 1 6x6 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Dogs Exhibit 1 6x6 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Heritage Exhibit 1 6x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Rehabilitation Exhibit 1 6x6 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
IAF Exhibit 1 6x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
UNESCO Tent 1 6x6 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Falconers Tent 1 10x12 Vertical walls with display boards Carpet and board
Tented National camps
Steppe Village
Hungary 1   Yurt Carpets
Kazakhstan 2   Yurt Carpets
Kyrgizstan 2   Yurt Carpets
Mongolia 2   Yurt Carpets
Turkmenistan 1   Yurt Carpets
Uzbekistan 1   Yurt Carpets
Tepee Village
USA 1   Tepee Mats
Canada 1   Tepee Mats
South America 1 8x6 S. American style, Peruvians Mats
El Salvador        
Southern Africa 1 6x6   Mats
South Africa        
UK camp 1 8x6   Mats
England 1 3x6 Blue and yellow heritage Mats
Northern Ireland        
Republic of Ireland        
Wales 1 3x6 Red and yellow heritage Mats
Scandinavia 1 3x6   Mats
Oceania   Mats
Australia  1 3x3      
New Zealand  1 3x6      
 Middle East
Afghanistan 1 3x3   Mats
 Eastern Europe
Armenia 1 6x6   Mats
 Southern & Eastern Europe
Bulgaria 1 3x6   Mats
 East Asia
China 1 6x6   Mats
South Korea        
 Balkan Countries
Croatia 1 3x6   Mats
Serbia & Montenegro        
 Tent 1
Czech Republic 1 6x6   Mats
 Tent 2
Georgian Republic 1 3x6   Mats
 Tent 3
Mexico 1 6x6   Mats
 Tent 4
Italy 1 3x6   Mats
 Tent 5
India 1 3x6   Mats
Individual nations
Austria 1 6x6   Mats
Belgium 1 6x6   Mats
France 1 6x3   Mats
Germany 1 6x6   Mats
Japan 1 6x6   Mats
Netherlands 1 3x6   Mats
Pakistan 1 6x6   Mats


Arena Events (provisional)

Arena Events 11-13th December 2014
NOTE: This is the 2011 programme. The new programme is under development.
Start Finish    
1000 1030 North America USA and Canada
1030 1100 South Africa and Oceania Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, New Zealand, Australia
1100 1130 East Asia China,Japan,Korea
1130 1200 South America Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uraguay, Chile, Argentina,Bolivia, El Salvador, Spain
1200 1230 Pakistan  
1230 1300 Western Europe Netherlands, Belgium, France
1300 1600 Lunch  
1600 1630 UK England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
1630 1700 Steppe Nations Khazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Hungary
1700 1730 UAE  
1730 1830 Grand Parade of Nations All nations

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